About us

We are Power of Art House: a creative platform for Art & Social Engagement – based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). We believe in the power of art. Art can open eyes and reveal new perspectives on social and politicized issues. Our aim is to engage the audience through art and get them involved in conversations about social and political subjects.

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"If you change the way
you look at things

The things you look at

Wayne Dyer

Our dream

We believe in a world of vanishing borders, where 'problems over there' are perceived as 'problems here'. Where cohesion and solidarity are back on the agenda. A society where citizens receive an incentive to state their positions on social and political issues.

What we do

We commit artistic interventions in public space to bring socio-cultural themes into the spotlight. We use art as a social weapon to fight indifference. Our interventions happen in public spaces wherever possible to achieve the greatest possible impact on daily life.

Welcome in our Power of Art House

In our Art Space we exhibit and sell political and socially engaged art. We give platform to artists who are capable of communicating complex social and political themes to a wider audience. By buying a piece of art you are supporting the work of these artists ánd the work of Power of Art House. Power of Art House is a non-profit organization.


Power of Art House 
Entrepotdok 26
1018 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Opening hours Art Space
Wednesday – Saturday: 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Press officer
Saskia Stolz