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Lost Stories of Europe

Art Project Lost not Found

Lost not Found is an art project to raise awareness about (at least) 10.000 missing refugee children in Europe, and to call out to the European Union to take its responsibility. We want these lost refugee children to become a priority on the agenda of the European Parliament.

Creative concept
To attract attention, we will turn hundreds of refugee children’s clothes into golden clothes. We have found these clothes in several places, mostly in forests. The golden colour will trigger the public to take a closer look. It also asks some confrontational questions: what if these children had been rich? How much are these children worth to us? Do we think it’s worth searching them?




A label is attached to the clothes with some information about the project and a link to: www.lostnotfound.eu 




Thousands of refugee children have disappeared in Europe. 

Where are they
and who will bring them back?

Artistic intervention
First we will spread hundreds of golden children’s clothes in Brussels (Belgium), because of the European Elections in May 2019. After Brussels we will go to Strasbourg (France) and Berlin (Germany) to finally end up in Geneva (Swiss) at the UNHCR office. 

A- raise public awarness for the missing kids
B- call out policymakers and politicians to take responsibility for all these lost children.